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Our employees combine curiosity for new things, creativity and a professional approach – with a dash of humour. Our teams are diverse and lively. We stick together and attach great importance to tolerance and team spirit.

Here with us, everyone can be themselves, get involved and participate actively.

We are also active as a provider: we are committed to better conditions in childcare centres and quality standards that apply nationwide. You can find out more about our commitment here.

We asked our employees which values they see and appreciate most at educcare (image in German):


How we work

Working at educcare means actively shaping early childhood education and doing what you are passionate about with spirit and professionalism, in a motivating environment.

  • We work individually and at face level with the children.
  • We live and breathe our concept, turning it into reality.
  • We work independently and goal-oriented.
  • We work together, deal with each other respectfully and constructively.
  • The fun of working with the children and in a team is crucial to us.

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What we offer

  1. more than just a job
    you can bring your personal interests and talents to bear at educcare and actively shape the German educational landscape
  2. active pedagogy
    we create an environment where children explore and grow with us according to their interests
  3. sincere appreciation
    towards your work and for you as a person
  1. professional development
    through regular further training, workshops and the legendary educcare summer academy – including celebrating success and plenty of fun
  2. Great Place to Work®
    since 2012 voted with every participation “Germany’s 100 Best EmployersTM” by educcare employees – best practice for workplace culture
Eine Erzieherin & Pädagogin malt gemeinsam mit einem Kind in einer educcare Kita

Come and meet us!


Take the opportunity and just get to know us! Look for events in your city – from “Centre Drop Ins” to open days or trade fairs for school-leavers and education professionals.

We have time for you and your questions. If there is currently no event in your city, please contact the management of the childcare centre you are interested in and arrange an individual meeting.

We look forward to meeting you!

We invite you to get insights into the educcare world. You are a daycare professional and want to know what exactly is behind educcare? What is special about the educcare educational concept? What do we mean by “A child is what it is made of”? What else would you like to know about us and our work?

Find answers and ask us your own questions in our location-independent info event. Anne Groschwald, long-time regional manager and coach at educcare, as well as speaker and book author, will take you into the educcare world. Be part of it!

We will send you the participation link very simply by e-mail – write to us at We look forward to seeing at one of these Mondays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

  • May 22nd
  • July 17th
  • September 18th
  • November 20th

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the childcare centres (in German).

  1. Aachen

every first Tuesday of the month at Kita Campus Wohnen

  1. Munich

every first Tuesday of the month at Kita BMW Group Strolchegarten

every second Tuesday of the month (except for December) at Kita Wanderlust

  1. Ludwigshafen

every first Thursday at the campus of Kita LuKids

  1. Stuttgart area

every first Wednesday of the month at all daycare centres in Stuttgart, in Schwieberdingen at Kita Die Zündfunken and in Böblingen/Sindelfingen at one of Kita Flugfeld 1.0 & 2.0 childcare centres

  1. didacta-Messe

March 3rd to 11th, 2023
at Messe Stuttgart (Stuttgart fair)

educcare at “Forum Frühe Bildung” hall no. 9

  • March 7th, 1. p.m. Forum „DigitalPakt Kita“ (Mario Gräff)
  • March 9th, 1 p.m. Forum „Resilienzförderung in der Kita“ (Cornelia Bosinski)
  • March 10th, 1 p.m. Forum „Qualität in der Verantwortung von Träger und Leitung“ (Anne Groschwald)

The workshops will be held in German language only. Participation is included in the ticket price, there is no need for registration.

  1. Karrieretag Munich

May 23rd & October 18th, 2023
at Zenith / Motorworld (event location)

  1. Karrieretag Stuttgart

October 19th, 2023
at Liederhalle Stuttgart (event location)

  1. JOBE-Messe Stuttgart

Fall 2023
Rathaus Stuttgart (country hall)

Eine Erzieherin & Pädagogin arbeitet in der educcare Kindertagesstätte mit Musik

How do I apply?

Our online application portal

At our job portal under “Stellenangebote” you’ll find the locations with current open positions. Send us your application documents quickly and easily via the online portal “softgarden” (in German).


Questions? Please contact us.

Larissa Wronka

Jobs at our

Mobil 0151 461 674 78
Janna Fölster Bewerbermanagement educcare

Janna Fölster

Jobs at our
childcare centres

Mobil 0171 560 48 47

Your career start with us

Training / career start

We can offer you a range of entry level opportunities in our educcare childcare centres. Whether it is a recognition year, practice-integrated training (PiA or OptiPrax), study-related practice, a voluntary social year (FSJ) or work experience – check the job offers at your preferred childcare centre or ask the respective centre management about your options.

Our childcare managers look forward to receiving your application!

Training at educcare varies depending on the federal state and the associated legal conditions. In principle, educcare offers the following options for training or internships:

  1. Practice-integrated training as an educator (PiA or OptiPrax)

You would like to earn money during your training and directly fill your new knowledge with life? Then take a look at the childcare centres in which we currently have a PiA or OptiPrax position advertised or ask directly at your preferred childcare centre. It is important that you have already enquired about a possible course place for your training in order to start with us.

This form of training is also a good option for career changers who are looking for retraining in the pedagogical field.

  1. Recognition year for educators

The first three years of your training are coming to a successful end and you are looking forward to the start of your practical training? Then there is nothing to stop you applying for a recognition year with us. Look at the job offers and send your application directly to the centre management. If you do not find any current vacancies for the childcare centre of your choice, please take the initiative and contact the centre directly.

  1. Voluntary Social Year (FSJ)

Many of our childcare centres offer teenagers and young adults between 16 and 26 years of age the opportunity to get to know the work of educators as part of an FSJ. If you are enthusiastic about children or would like to find out whether you see this as your long-term vocation, you have come to the right place. By doing an FSJ in our childcare centres you will find meaningful employment and make a social contribution in the area of early childhood education. Send your application directly to the childcare centre of your choice.

  1. Studies / Working student

educcare offers a range of practical experiences for students, with as many options as there are for studying in the pedagogical field. Whether as a regular dual or working student, for a longer internship or as a temporary assistant during the semester break, in consultation with the childcare centre, you will find here the right format to bring the knowledge you have learned to life.

  1. School student internship

Even if your career start is still a long way off, you are welcome to come and get to know educcare. Work experience in one of our childcare centres is fun and is guaranteed not to be boring. If you are interested, contact the childcare centre of your choice and get to know everyday life in a childcare centre from the educator’s point of view.

  1. Career change / recognition from abroad

Under certain conditions, it is also possible to start at educcare with a less traditional pedagogical qualification or with a foreign vocational qualification. Information about entry opportunities is listed in the skilled workers catalogue of each federal state (in German).

Further information on the recognition of your degree from abroad is available here. We are happy to help with any further questions!

Career changers from non-educational professions may apply for the practice-integrated training as an educator (see above).

Other professions at educcare outside the pedagogical field:

  1. Non-educational professions in our childcare centres

Without the active support of kitchen staff, caretakers or office staff, everyday life in our childcare centres would hardly be possible. The job advertisements for these positions can also be found in our job portal. Please apply with your CV directly to management at the respective childcare centre. We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Working in educcare’s administration

Located in the heart of Cologne, educcare headquarters currently employs nearly 90 people. They look after the childcare centres and support the management in all administrative matters. Whether in financial accounting, project management, payroll, organization or in our IT department – creative co-designers are in demand. You can find our job advertisements in our job portal under “Cologne Administration / Köln Verwaltung” – we look forward to receiving your application.

Be part of our team!


Near-Native Speaker

educcare childcare centres are bilingual and we speak and sing with the children in both German and English. Ideally, there is one English and one German-speaking professional who communicate with the children exclusively in “their” language according to the principle: one person – one language.

We impart the second language to the children using the immersion method, comparable to mother tongue acquisition. Here, the children are immersed in a so-called “language bath”, accompanied by the caregiver’s facial expressions, gestures and actions. In this way, they learn the other language quite naturally at their own pace and far removed from a school-like situation.

Would you like to join us as a near-native speaker? If so, you should have spent some time abroad in addition to your pedagogical training and have English skills at a near-native level. As a near-native speaker, you will continue to use your English on a daily basis and pass it and your host country’s culture on to the children in a playful way. Native speakers are also very welcome here. However, you should understand German well enough to be able to communicate with the entire team.

If you would like to qualify as an English-speaking professional, our cooperation partner AIFS Educational Travel offers trained educators the “Au Pair for Professionals” programme in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA. If you then join us, we will reimburse a large part of the au pair programme costs after the probationary period.

Curious? Have a look at the video (in German): our employee Maria talks about her everyday life as a bilingual educator after her Au Pair for Professionals stay in the USA.

The benefits of the AIFS Au Pair for Professionals programme:

  • the second language as a “unique selling point” for your professional career
  • additional work experience in another culture
  • valuable personal experience – not just for your professional life
  • perfecting the English language through daily interaction
Eine bilinguale Near Native Speakerin beim spielerischen Lernen mit einem Kind in einer educcare Kindertagesstätte

Questions & Answers

  1. Education specialist / specialist with group leader function
  • State-registered educator
  • Social pedagogue/social education worker
  • Early childhood educator (degree graduate)
  • Depending on the federal state, e.g. teachers (degree graduate); state-registered special education teachers

Links to each federal state’s skilled workers catalogue:

  1. Supplementary education specialist / specialist, no group leader function
  • At least two years’ training, predominantly oriented to education, fully qualified
  • Examples: childcare assistant/ nanny/ nursery nurse
  • Depending on the federal state e.g. state-registered special needs assistants
  • Shortened training courses to become a state-recognized specialist are available for these occupational groups.
  1. Near-Native Speaker – employment as an English-speaking specialist
  • A pedagogical qualification that is recognised in Germany (see above).
  • Very good knowledge of English, e.g. due to a stay of several months in an English-speaking country (e.g. as an au pair) or as a native-speaker.
  • See also the cooperation between educcare and AIFS  Educational Travel (Au Pair for Professionals Programme); a large part of the programme costs can be reimbursed on passing the probationary period at educcare.
  1. Educators with degrees from abroad
  • Professional recognition of your foreign qualification for the respective federal state.
  • A legally regulated procedure will check whether your training is equivalent to German training and thus whether professional recognition can be granted.
  • You can find further information and relevant contact persons here (in English).
  1. Possible employment as educational support for career changers
  • If you do not have any recognised professional pedagogical training but would still like to work with children, there are some locations where you can be employed as a support worker.
  • We specifically advertise these positions as “support staff” as these depend on the funding or the support of the respective city.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to employ support staff at all locations.

Further information on joining educcare, for example as a working student, (recognition) intern or for FSJ can be found here (in German).

Our bilingual concept means that the regular educators only speak German and the near-native speakers only English with the children.

For German-speaking professionals, we attach great importance to good German language skills. A basic knowledge of English is necessary in order to understand English-speaking colleagues.

A very good knowledge of English is a prerequisite for being a near-native professional, speaking only English to the children. You have these skills as a native-speaker or gained them through a longer stay abroad, e.g. being an au pair in an English-speaking country.

Your English skills will be confirmed by an English-speaking colleague in a small Skype exchange. Your knowledge of German should be at least at B2 level and recognized pedagogical training is also required for English-speaking positions.

TVöD stands for “Public Sector Collective Agreement” (Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst). The TVöD is part of the collective wage agreements and is a nationally valid agreement that serves to protect employees. The TVöD SuE applies in the social and educational services sector.

As an independent provider and employer not bound by collective agreements, educcare does not have exactly the same regulations as in the collective agreement. Remuneration is based on the collective agreement for the public sector (TVöD SuE).

The supervision key at educcare is based on the legal requirements in the respective federal states and often goes beyond these. Due to the various statutory requirements in the federal states, the ratio of qualified educators to children being looked after can vary from one centre to another.

One of our goals is to support parents in reconciling work and family life. That is why our year-round opening hours are adapted to the companies’ working hours whenever possible. The opening hours of our childcare centres vary and are based on the needs of the parents. Some of our centres are open between 7 am and 6 pm and our educators work in alternating shifts within the opening times. The exact opening hours can be found on the pages of the individual childcare centres here (in German).

The contact person for applications from educational specialists or supplementary staff is Ms Anne-Sophie Wohllebe.

We prefer to receive your application via our online application form (in German). You will find the link to this in every job advertisement or in the menu bar. Alternatively, you can apply by email to or by post to:

educcare Bildungskindertagesstätten gGmbH

Attn. Anne-Sophie Wohllebe

Applicant Management

Alter Markt 36-42

D-50667 Köln


Applications for specialist or supplementary educational staff are processed centrally in the administration in Cologne and forwarded to the centres.

All other applications, e.g. for a Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), recognition internship, student internship, as working student, caretaker, office or kitchen staff should be sent directly to the centre’s management (in German). Job advertisements always state the relevant contact person.

All you need to do is send us an application and give us the preferred centres or job reference numbers. We will check all possible positions and forward your application to the childcare centre in question.

Our online form is not specifically designed for administrative positions. So please send us your application preferably by email to or by post to: educcare Bildungskindertagesstätten gGmbH, Attn. Ms. Anne-Sophie Wohllebe – Applicant management, Alter Markt 36-42, 50667 Köln.

If there is no vacancy in your preferred childcare centre, you are welcome to submit an unsolicited application.

With your approval, we will include your application in the applicant pool and will contact you when we have advertised a suitable position. To do this, we need your details in the online application form (e.g. from when you are available, which childcare centres you are interested in, the number of hours you would like to work or which age group of children you would like to work with).

As long as a position is advertised in our job exchange, you can apply for it. As soon as the position is filled, we remove it from our job page. You are also welcome to send us an unsolicited application if there is no vacancy that meets your requirements.

We will review your documents as soon as we receive them. If the formal requirements are met (in particular, recognised training for work as a specialist in your state), we will forward your application to the centre. If the childcare centre’s management finds your application suitable, they will contact you by phone or email to arrange an interview. In addition to the job interview, we usually invite applicants to visit the centre and sit in on groups. This gives both sides the chance to get to know each other better.

Due to the following advantages, we recommend applying via our online application form:

  • quick, easy and reliable application
  • guidance on which information is important to us and the avoidance of further inquiries
  • save application costs
  • faster feedback from us

It is also possible to apply by email or by post.

Please enclose the documents required for the job advertisement with your application (CV, degree certificates and relevant job references at the very least).

So that we can grade your salary calculation correctly, we need the certificate from your pedagogical qualification (training/studies) as well as all references from the educational sector. Your current employer’s reference can, of course, be submitted later.

It is best to send us your application documents in PDF format. Ideally 1-3 documents with a total of max. 10 MB.

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