Wie wir arbeitenHow we work

With enjoyment and professionalism

Our responsibility for the children entrusted to us is reflected in the principles of our work:

  • We work individually: all children are seen and supported in their uniqueness.
  • We work on a par with children. We deal affectionately and respectfully with children and this is essential for getting to know and understand them.
  • We guide children professionally. It takes more than just intuition to accompany children during the most important years of their education. We recognise that professionalism in terms of expert soundness, appropriate qualifying and continuing education and a structured process is essential.
  • We put concepts into practice: parents have the right to the assurance that agreements entered into with educcare will be observed unfailingly.
  • We work purposefully and autonomously. We understand it is our duty to always form our own and well-founded opinion.
  • We work together. Our teamwork is characterised by communicative exchange, respect for the abilities and contributions of the individual and constructive debate.
  • We measure our success in the development of the individual child and the satisfaction and confidence of parents and the further clients.
  • Last but not least, it is important to enjoy working with children and in a team in order to deliver the most favourable result.