What do companies appreciate about educcare educational day care centres?

  • Excellent educational concept

educcare offers needs-based day care centres that set a benchmark for children's education and the compatibility of work and family life.

  • Innovative approaches

educcare is breaking the mould in both planning and implementation.

  • Professional implementation

educcare combines educational concepts with professional management services.

  • Efficient operations

educcare guarantees optimal cost-efficient operations thanks to efficient structures and processes.  

  • Individual flexibility

educcare brings structures and processes into line with requirements of children, parents and the client.

  • International education

educcare educates multilingually and integrates international "best practices".

  • Continuous further development

educcare invests greatly in conceptual basics, continuing education and practical experience.

  • Transparency for clients

educcare inspires confidence with quality management and coordinated reporting.

  • Motivated staff

educcare invests in local staff and provides the freedom for autonomous decisions.