Unsere Leistungen auf einen BlickOur services at a glance

Ascertainment of demand for child care: we assess the individual need according to age, numbers, frequency and duration. Of course we take into account the individual features of your company - like for example, your philosophy, your corporate identity and culture.

The concept of a suitable solution: we draw upon an optimal operations and financing concept, including the best possible use of public funding and site planning. The concept is extensively prepared by us for your presentations, e.g. for the board or management.

Realising the selected solution: we support and advise your company or take on all the responsibility for setting up the solution cost-effectively and in good time while doing justice to content. This includes comprehensive support for internal communications - e.g. with the works council and parents.

Running operations of the solution: we support you in operating the solution or we can take over complete responsibility for it.

Evaluation and support of existing solutions: we examine current measures and we optimise these in cooperation with you.

Development and implementation of further social projects: when required, we can find suitable social-responsibility projects in the field of early childhood education that will support your corporate image. We can help you to find partners, take on the project management and public relations.