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Day Care Check

Choosing a day care centre is one of the most important decisions that you as parents will make. It is not just a question of reliable care. Much more is at stake - you are selecting the first and most defining educational institution for your child.

The following checklist contains a number of important questions with explanatory examples with which you can judge the quality of a centre.

The questions are grouped into five sections. The first three sections are based on our definition of a day care centre:

  • the centre is a home away from home
  • the centre is n elementary place of education
  • the centre is a place for reliable support

The other two sections deal with the fundamental requirements under which a day care centre can meet the definition stated above:

  • the team in the day care centre and its composition 
  • processes and structures which support the centre?s team in fulfilling its role

In addition we follow quality criteria according to UNESCO guidelines. Make sure that your favoured day care centre meets these criteria.

The particular requirements of caring for children under three years of age are addressed in the last section.

The manager and the educators in the centre will be able to answer many of your questions but there are some things that you can and should take note of when visiting the centre.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Staff in the day care centres look forward to you expressing an interest in their work. Not least because this shows you value this work.

We wish you every success and enjoy your discussions!

You can find the educcare centre checklist here