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Developing individuality

The first six years of life are fundamental to the individual developmental opportunities of a child. A child spends on average up to 7,500 hours awake at a day care centre during this period. It is vital that the concept and its application are professional.

The educational mandate of educcare institutions is to guarantee this professionalism and thus ensure the best possible development of the individual child.

Our pedagogical concept is based on a scientifically sound educational approach and has been successfully tested over many years. It emphasises a child?s individuality and is based on the child?s strengths. In doing so it follows a play-based and holistic approach. The educcare concept underlines the necessity of qualified support through educators and clearly defined structures and methods.

Tracking individuality: in order to truly guide a child individually, systematic and appreciative observation and documentation as well as continuous dialogue with parents form important building blocks within the educcare concept.

This joint appraisal provides the basis for educational activities in various subjects.

The following subjects are those which are of particular importance in early childhood education: movement and perception, communication and language, the arts, nature and scientific phenomena, learning competencies, inter-personal competencies as well as media and technology. Stimulation is cross-disciplinary.

Suitably qualified staff, rooms that have been designed to stimulate and our supportive structures and processes guarantee our concept's implementation.