BildungskonzeptionEducational concept

Education based on the best possible foundation

educcare's educational concept combines leading national and international concepts for early childhood education. It includes the contextual approach, Reggio and Montessori pedagogy as well as the world-recognised and internationally implemented curriculum from the International Baccalaureate Organization. All elements of educcare's concept are scientifically sound and have been tested in the field. It meets the curricular requirements of the respective federal states. educcare's educational concept takes into account current findings in developmental psychology and learning theories from neurobiology and neurophysiology as well as from the educational sciences.

educcare's educational concept consistently emphasises the individuality of each single child. A child's interests and strengths - which consolidate character - are the starting point of our work. Promotion is holistic and balanced. It encompasses areas of movement and perception, language(s) and communication (educcare day care centres are generally bilingual, following the immersion method) creative and musical stimulation as well as nature and its phenomena.