Herausforderungen meisternMeet challenges

Challenge 1: Fast expansion of care for under 3s.

The expansion of suitable care is a Herculean task for all involved. It is not just a question of increasing the number of places, but rather of finding fitting solutions for the local setting. Providers are needed who understand the specific requirements of each location and who take account of this in their concept. There should also be innovative providers involved in the active search for properties and co-financiers.

educcare offers local authorities proven concepts for the analysis of the environment and location search.  


Challenge 2: Sound early childhood education

Current debate on early childhood education verifies the longstanding experience and knowledge of those responsible within local authorities. It is now time to address public awareness of this important subject by means of satisfactory written concepts and their reliable implementation.

educcare is in command of a recognised educational concept and proven structures for a dependable and transparent implementation.


Challenge 3: Broad access

It is unacceptable in respect to both children and society that suitable care and education are only available to the very few. The challenge is in mastering the apparent contradictions of exemplary quality with regular public support and generally affordable parental contributions to fees.

educcare is a non-profit provider of independent youth services and already successfully implements its educational concept within the framework of regular public funding in various municipalities.