Re-thinking continuing education!

Educcare advocates re-thinking early childhood education. Against the backdrop of the increasing demands on the working methods and qualifications of educators, we have been thinking differently about the burning issues, have worked on them so they are riveting and prepared them to guarantee their suitability for daily practice. The result is a creative and practical continuing education programme.

Quality by means of sound specialist knowledge and practical experience
educcare is a provider of educational day care centres. We have developed a concept for raising and educating children for our centres that combines leading approaches to early childhood education. Implementing these concepts consistently is the quintessence of our daily work. Our trainers are qualified specialists from the field who impart subject matter, with which you can guide, strengthen and stimulate children individually.  

Individual guidance for a sustained implementation that works
It is important to us that you are able to integrate acquired knowledge practically into your working day. Hence we give you impulses and guide you in implementing specialist content into your working environment and developing it further on your own. A personal sense of achievement guarantees new enthusiasm for the professional and creative arrangement of your daily tasks.

Important subjects in the right form
Creative, efficient learning needs to be imparted in a variety of forms. We offer tailor-made continuing education, for example seminars or workshops, at your location or here with us. Our clients are educators and providers, who wish to systematically further develop their educational work with children and who wish to decisively improve development and decision-making processes and the organisation of child day care centres, kindergartens and primary schools.

educcare continuing education - for you!

  • Learn with your hippocampus and forget about your amygdala
  • Connect your individual wealth of ideas to current challenges
  • Develop applicable solutions from your answers
  • Celebrate your successes with children, parents and your team

Let yourself be carried away. We look forward to seeing you!